I Finally Did It - I've Started A Food Blog

Week One!

Alright, so I've finally gotten around to starting a proper food blog, as many people have told me to do. There will be some changes over the first few weeks, as I play around with backgrounds and formats and determine which ones best fit this blog. For now, check out the food I've had over the past few days!

Food Truck Festival at Suffolk Downs

Saturday's lunch was the 2nd Annual Food Truck Festival at Suffolk Downs. There were more than 20 trucks on site, and I managed to stop at three. 

Roxy's Gilled Cheese

First up was Roxy's Grilled Cheese, for their Green Muenster. Comprised of bread, muenster cheese, bacon, and guacamole, this was the second time I've been able to try this sandwich, and it was definitely even better than the first time! 

Redbones BBQ

Complementing my excellent grilled cheese were the ribs I picked up from Redbones. I've been to the actual Redbones a couple times, and it's always wonderful, so I knew what to expect and was not disappointed. The meat literally fell off the bone!

Paris Creperie

Finishing up my epic meal truck lunch was a stop for dessert at the Paris Creperie truck. I had 10 food tickets left, so I decided to try two items - a strawberry dipped in Nutella and a S'mores crepe. The S'mores crepe was so deliciously decadent, made of Nutella chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and marshmallows. 

After this, I took a nap. I had to! But, productive one that I am (or generally try to be), I woke up, ran 3.7 miles, cleaned myself up, and headed out to see Itzhak Perlman conduct and perform with the Boston Symphony Orchestra for their opening night performance. There were some amazing little hors d'oeuvres at Symphony Hall, but I didn't manage to grab any great pictures. After the concert, though, I was still feeling a bit hungry, so I headed to...

B & G Oysters


When you're at an oyster bar, you have to try oysters. I was feeling fairly adventurous, so I told the server that he could pick the oysters that he thought would be best. I wound up with two Fire River oysters (Richibucto, NB), two Katama Bay oysters (Martha's Vineyard, MA), and two Chincoteague oysters (Chincoteague, VA). Merroir is an interesting concept, and it was neat to see how oysters from different areas have different flavors.

Bonus Savory Bite and Deviled Eggs

The server handed me this small bite of savory deliciousness, and it was so enjoyable that I wish I had written down the ingredients. Hopefully they're still serving them to all customers the next time I visit, it's definitely something I'd like a second bite of! I finished out the night by having some deviled eggs with crab meat. They were presented in such an excellent fashion, and were, of course, delicious.

Signing off for now, but keep a look out for updates!


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