Brunch at The Russell House Tavern

I love oysters; this is definitely not a secret. So when I heard that Russell House Tavern had one of the rarest oysters in the world available this weekend, I had to go. The rare oysters are the Belon oysters (European Flat oysters), originally from the Belon river in France, the European Flat was brought to Maine in the 1950s. Only 5,000 are harvested from Boothbay Harbor each year, and Russell House managed to get 500 of those - and I had six of them! They're not acidic at all, and tasted great with the cocktail and pickle sauces.

 And the shells are gorgeous!

Russell House Tavern's cocktail menu is so impressive that I try to sample a different drink every time I visit. On this visit, I went for the Jack Rose, made of Laird's Applejack, house grenadine, and lime juice. Wicked good.

For my entree, I needed some melted cheese, local tomato and bacon, and conveniently, it was on the menu! Grilled cheese, tomato, and bacon on griddled brioche, with a pickle slice and mixed greens was awesome. I couldn't finish all the greens, they were piled so high, but I tried!

I had to try the cheese plate, made of three local cheeses, all from Vermont. From left to right, the cheeses were Rupert, an aged Jersey cow milk cheese from Rupert, VT, Twig Farm Square Cheese, an aged goat milk cheese  from West Cornwall, VT, and Bayley Hazen Blue from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT. All good cheeses, and I appreciated the apple slices and fig-honey jam. Yum.


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