Hell Night at East Coast Grill

Hell Night - given a chance to eat some of the hottest food you could ever try, how could I resist?

 Hell Night happens once a year at East Coast Grill in Inman Square. I heard about it a few years ago when a coworker was bragging about how spicy the food was, and how well he could handle it. Since I love spicy food, I had to go!

If you can see the window, it says, "Welcome to Hell", and the inside of the restaurant was very well decorated to match this theme - just check out the skull next to the raw bar!

I had to start off with a tasty beverage; this is Martin's Magnificent Margarita - 100% blue agave tequila,  Cointreau, fresh orange juice, and fresh lime juice. Definitely one of the better margaritas that I've had.

I adore oysters, so I started off by ordering a half dozen of the Island Creek Oysters with fresh jalapeno mignonette. These were rated four bombs on the spiciness chart, and it turns out that four bombs is exactly at my comfort level. The jalapeno mignonette was a great complement to the oysters, and not overwhelmingly hot.

But could I really stop there, without trying something hotter? So my friend Josh and I decided to order the hottest item on the menu, rated 14 bombs: the smoked chicken thigh curry with pineapple chutney, moruga chiles, and coconut red curry. We were required to sign a waiver before they let us eat it!

And here it is. May not look like much, but it packed such a punch. My whole mouth felt like it was on fire afterwards, and I only had a few bites! Any fan of extremely spicy food should make a point to get to Hell Night, it was definitely worth it. 


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