O.N.C.E. de los Muertos II

How better to celebrate the Day of the Dead than with JJ Gonson and the Cuisine En Locale crew?

As you can see, it was a pretty rockin' time, with a live mariachi band, skeletal servers, and awesome food.

Great atmosphere!

Skeletons serving dishes like the excellent Taza chicken mole made this a special Dia de los Muertos party.

And of course, the traditional Dia de los Muertos mariachi band and altar to the dead. Many people left offerings on the altar, and the band was the wonderful Mariachi Estampa de America.

On to the food! There was a great spread set up for nachos, including salsa verde, chipotle salsa, and corn salad.

There was a beverage specially prepared for all guests, and while I can't recall the exact name, it tasted like watermelon and was delicious!

The Stillman tomatillo pork verde was great! I added several drops of Alex's Original Ugly Sauce, and it was wonderfully spicy.

And then came the Taza chicken mole. Woah good. I love Taza chocolate, and this was such a delicious blend of ingredients: garlic scrapes, white onions, ground coriander, epazote, oregano, paprika, dark chili pepper, cayenne, Taza 80% dark chocolate, Mexican cinnamon, cloves, red onions, corn tortillas, red tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, chicken stock, salt, cider vinegar, garlic, mole chiles, and pumpkin squash. I washed all that goodness down with a Happy Sol from Slumbrew, yummy and refreshing.

Next was some frijoles negros and wheat berries, along with a bright pink bit of cabbage. Good, and filling!

After all that, I had to try Alex's Ugly Sauces. I tried each of the sauces in turn, progressively getting hotter. My favorite was the Dragon sauce, and I had to buy a bottle. I've used it twice since the event Friday night, and I love it more every time.

Thank goodness that after all that hot sauce Ocean Ave Pops were available! I had a corn paleta; it cooled everything down, and it was delicious.

At this point I had to head home, but JJ made sure I tried the "dead" sweet breads. They were as awesome as you'd imagine, and yes, those are marshmellow eyes!

Every O.N.C.E. (One Night Culinary Event) is a special adventure, and my 19th adventure was no different - great times and great food!


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