Boston Foodie Tours - Beacon Hill & Back Bay

I was told that Boston Foodie Tours gives the best food tours in the city, so I was very excited this past Saturday to be on the Beacon Hill and Back Bay Boston Foodie Tour. Fortunately, I was not disappointed; this was the best food tour I've ever been on!

The tour started at the Liberty Hotel, home of the upside-down Christmas trees. Very cool. This is where I met Audrey Giannattasio, the founder of Boston Foodie Tours. She was an amazing companion for the tour, and I am glad to have finally met her! Downstairs in the former jail is Scampo, a wonderful restaurant that I *have* to come back to. They served us some very amazing food, like this white pumpkin soup, made from a puree of onions, leeks, apple, garlic, white pumpkin, sherry, cream, butter, salt and pepper, topped with creme fraiche, mini marshmallows, fried elephant garlic chips, and fried sage. Oh, and don't forget the finishing touch - drops of truffle oil. Yeah, this was as excellent as you can imagine!

We were fortunate enough to have a second course while at Scampo; a lobster pizza. This had house made pizza dough topped with shallots, garlic oil, ricotta salata, lobster cream sauce, lobster meat, and chopped chives. I can't say enough how tasty this was!

Our next stop was Savenor's Market, which had quite a bit of rare and hard-to-find meats, as well as a good selection of cheeses and jams. After that brief stop, we were off to J.P. Licks for some ice cream samples. I tried eggnog and cranberry white chocolate cheesecake before settling on an old favorite, chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum!

Beacon Hill Chocolates was the next stop, and I'm so glad it was. What a cool shop! We tried a raspberry/white chocolate/dark chocolate flower, a bit of chocolate, and even got a take-home s'more pop! And check out the awesome boxes they make - these ones were all Boston-themed, but you can take in any picture and they will turn it into a box, in that style.

The next stop was the Paramount for some fresh squeezed orange juice. Very good!

We had a little bit of walking to do, which was nice after everything we'd seen. It was nice to run into the Make Way for Ducklings statue, all decked out for the holidays. Happy Holidays, everyone!

The next stop was Bacco's Wine + Cheese, where we met owner Bob Bacco, and sampled everything you see above, as well as some additional cheese and wine samples. Delicious, and definitely a store I want to revisit.

Georgetown Cupcakes is responsible for all the deliciousness you see above. Everyone on the tour got to pick a cupcake to take home; I went with the salted caramel, yum!

Our next stop was Pret-a-Manger, which has great, fresh food. We didn't sample any, but it's somewhere I'd like to go back and try, since everything looked good. We briefly stopped in to Burdick's Chocolate, and then it was on to the Bon Me food truck. We had a deviled tea egg, which was awesomely spicy, and a sandwich with barbequed pork, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, red onion, housemade spicy mayo, and housemade pate on a toasted baguette. Woah, it was good.

After Bon Me, we crossed through Copley Square, passed by the Tortoise and the Hare, and ended up at Turner Fisheries. I have tried their chowder many times, so I had some oysters, since I love them so much.

Our final stop on the tour was L'espalier, my favorite restaurant, as you know. We started with beautifully designed desserts and holiday tea. The tea was excellent, but I expect that from Cynthia Gold; her tea blends are always amazing. She was even kind enough to bring out some blooming tea for the women on the tour from Texas, who had never seen blooming tea before. I decided to stay a little while at L'espalier after the tour had ended, so I ordered a pot of the Afternoon Blend, my favorite tea at L'espalier, and an Earl Grey champagne cocktail, which was divine.

When I got home I realized I had amassed quite the goodie bag. As you can see, I had the salted caramel cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, the s'more lollipop from Beacon Hill Chocolates, Biena Roasted Chickpeas and Spindrift Sparkling Orange Mango soda from the lovely tour guides, and delicious marshmallows and cheese from L'espalier (Thanks again for the cheese, Louis!). I will definitely sign up for another one of these tours.


  1. What a great post - I'm looking forward to doing the Back Bay tour next month! Thanks for sharing such great insight on the tour!


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