Whisk's Aphrodisiac Tasting

I haven't been to a Whisk event since their first dinner, in January of 2012, but they are still just as awesome as I remember.

Friday night I went to their Aphrodisiac Tasting, and was fortunate enough to be seated at the chef's table, with the best view of the kitchen. It was a great time!

The evening started off with their amazing white fig and pepita sourdough bread, with whipped butter and smoked salt.

The first course was the most interesting take on tartare that I've ever seen. It was asparagus tartare, with avocado mousse, strawberry onion chips, and quail egg.

The second course was an oyster trio: an Island Creek Oyster with candy Meyer lemon mignonette, a fried oyster with saffron aioli, and a horseradish oyster fritter with tomato jam.

The third course was an excellent piece of salmon, with vanilla, walnut, and pomegranate foam.

The cheese course was smoked, all the way: smoked Hudson Valley red washed-rind cow's milk cheese, with bitter chocolate, smoked paprika, smoked salt, and a whisp of cotton candy.

The dessert pairing was wonderful; strawberry water, licorice cream, and warmed pistachio cake.

A couple of small bites were next: a Chambord bon bon and a strawberry-covered chocolate. The strawberry "glass" covering the chocolate was delicious.

The final dish was the wonderful white chocolate mango semifreddo, with mango jam, honey caviar, and strawberry paper. This dessert was so deliciously creamy; it was an excellent way to end the night.


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