Formaggio - Go, Go, Goat Cheese!

I love taking classes at Formaggio! This past Tuesday, they had a great class scheduled: Go, Go, Goat Cheese! It was an excellent opportunity to taste several wonderful goat cheeses with delicious pairings.

The first cheese sample was Valençay, from Pays de la Loire, France. This soft goat cheese is rubbed with vegetable ash on the outside, and was paired well with dried Blenheim apricots. A 2011 Domaine Augis Valençay from the Loire Valley of France paired well with the Valençay cheese, as well as the second cheese, Blue Ledge Farm Crottina, made in Vermont. The Crottina had some delicious homemade blood orange-chianti marmalade, made by our wonderful instructor, Adam Centamore. Yum!

Robiola Roccoverano D.O.P. from Piemonte, Italy, was the first cheese sample of the second pairing. It had the most delicious condiment: Lo Spaventapasseri Confettura di Zucca Bianca, also from Piemonte, Italy. This was paired with a great Riesling (my favorite type of wine): 2011 Leitz Out! Dry Riesling from Rheingau, Germany. The second cheese paired well with the wine, too! It was Tomme de Chèvre au Muscadet from the Loire Valley in France. The cheese was served with the excellent Katz Snowberry Honey from California.

Garrotxa St. Gil, from Albio, Spain, was our next cheese sample. It was paired with a tasty tomato jam, Quinta do Freixo Doce do Tomate, from Algarve, Portugal. A 2012 Domaine de la Petite Cassagne from the Rhône Valley of France paired very well with this cheese as well as the second cheese, Pantaleo, from Sardinia, Italy. This was definitely a cheese I would seek out again! It was served with L'Ardeche Confiture de Fraise.

A Casinca from Corsica, France was next, served with delicious honey, Gaec de Loziari Miel Châtagnier, also from Corsica, France. This paired very well with a local favorite, Pretty Things St. Boltoph's Beer, made here in Massachusetts. The final cheese of the evening was a blend, incorporating both cow and goat milk into the cheese. I believe I've had Queso Azul de Valdeon from Valdeon, Spain before, and it was just as good and strong as I remembered. It was served with La Dispensa Crema di Peche from Piemonte, Italy. Have I said lately how much I love Formaggio? Yum!!


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