Bergamot Tasting Menu

This past Wednesday I had a wonderful dinner with my mother and a great family friend at Bergamot. The craziest part of the dinner was that I was able to use a Groupon; I rarely see Groupon deals for restaurants I've been meaning to visit. And not only that, it wound up being an amazing deal, especially considering the quality of the food! Yum!

We arrived a little early, so we ordered some white wine from Alsace to share. I also ordered the Beacon Fix, a mix of Reyka vodka, lemon, Luxardo Triplum, and Bergamot-Rooibos syrup.

Bread and butter was up first, followed by an excellent amuse-bouche that captured exactly how summer should taste.

The first two "official" courses were both amazing. We enjoyed roasted beets with escarole, cream cheese, orange-calamintha syrup, pistachios, and honshimeji mushrooms. This was followed by braised crimson carrots with grilled scallions, kamut, black mission figs, socca, and house-made ricotta.

Heirloom tomatoes were next, with blackberries, pecans, red shiso, Thai basil, zucchini sauce, and crème fraîche. At this point I realized that there was no way I'd be able to pick a favorite dish, and the awesome lobster bisque didn't make it any easier to try and pick a favorite. It was wonderfully creamy, and had lobster mushrooms, shiso, lobster roe oil, and chives.

Pan-seared bluefish with marinated red cabbage, corn, black-eyed peas, and beef bacon made up the very tasty fifth course, and was followed by the even better grilled flat iron steak with garden vegetable tian and fresh garlic aioli.

A palate-cleanser was next, with great contrasting textures, followed by our final "official" course - hazelnut clafoutis with peaches, whipped ricotta, brown butter, and peach sorbet. Wow.

Since I was at Bergamot, I had to try some Bergamot tea, which was just what I needed after such a great meal. It was served with a few small pieces of sweet lemon cake, and ended the night perfectly.


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