Eastern Standard is Awesome

I don't go to Eastern Standard nearly as often as I should, given that it's one of the best and most creative restaurants in the city. Hopefully I'll look back on this blogpost often, and be reminded that it's  definitely worth it to get into Kenmore Square!

I started off with some warm bread and butter and a bit of Earl Grey tea, to soothe my scratchy throat.

I had a tough time picking just a few things to try, so I asked my waiter what he recommended. He said he didn't want me to miss out on anything, so he made sure I could have smaller portions (and smaller prices), so that I could try more dishes! I started with an awesome egg-white cocktail: Bellevue-Stratford - clover(ish) club gin, house rosé vermouth, lemon, and grenadine. Crazy good, and went very well with the Belgian endive salad with poached pear, walnuts, and Roquefort.

The next salad was just about as awesome as the first: roasted baby beets with smoked salmon, rye croutons, and dill vinaigrette. It was time for another drink, so I ordered a Orozco - basil & watermelon white balsamic, old tom gin, and lemon. Just as good as you'd imagine! Steak tartare with cornichons and baguette made for an excellent main course, although I was starting to get a bit full by this point.

I finished up the evening with a digestif and a bit of cheese - yum! I wish I had room for one of the autumn desserts on the new fall menu, but now I have an excuse to go back sooner, rather than later.


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