Formaggio - La Cuisine de la Rose

If you trace my family history back far enough, you will find Guy de Comeau, who was born in France in 1300. Given my family history, it's no surprise that I appreciate and love French cuisine. When I saw that Adam Centamore from Formaggio would be teaching La Cuisine de la Rose, a class featuring foods and wines specifically from Burgundy, France, I knew I had to sign up!

We began with hors d'oeuvres, gougeres from L'Yonne. Gougeres are pastry puffs made with shredded French Gruyere. They were served with the amazing Lillet Blanc avec l'Orange- a drink I could happily enjoy everyday!

The second course was an incredibly smooth créme de noix from L'Yonne. I'd never had cream of walnut soup with fresh whipped cream before, and clearly, I was missing out. This was paired excellently with 2010 Goisot Aligote from Côte d'Or.

Salade de pâté de canard et vinaigrette di Dijon from Côte d'Or was up next, and wow the red wine vinaigrette was amazing! This paired with 2011 Château des Rontets Cru Beaujolais from Saint-Amour, a wine which brought out the flavor of the duck perfectly.

The main course was up next - Lièvre de Pâques avec Estouffade de Carottes. This dish, from the Côte d'Or, takes an incredible amount of preparation, but results in a delicious marinated rabbit in broth and cream with grapes, with the carrots are seasoned in mustard and butter. Paired with 2011 Derain Bourgogne Blanc "La Combo" from Beaune, this made for a wonderful dinner.

No class at Formaggio is complete without a cheese course. Last night, we had Delice de Bourgogne aux Truffes, from Côte d'Or. The triple-crème cow cheese was so rich and buttery! The truffles in it were a great earthy addition that complemented the 2009 Domaine Chandon de Brialles Savginy-les-Beaune "Les Lavières" Premiere Cru from Savigny-les-Beaune. 

The night finished with a double-play of Cassis: tarte de cassis from La Saone et la Loire, and chilled crème de cassis. The black currant semolina tart was sweet, and worked very well with the thick cassis crème.


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