O.N.C.E. in Valhalla IV - Worlds Collide

Last night was the fourth annual Valhalla feast by Cuisine En Locale. JJ Gonson and crew always put on an amazing show with excellent local food!

My fellow travelers and I, hand-picked by Odin after dying gloriously on the battlefield, ascended the rainbow-colored Bifröst to Asgard and the great hall of Valhalla. Pictures can't quite capture the spirit of the Gods as they walked among the mortals; Thor had an exuberant time and Loki told many tall tales. In addition to all of this, Slumbrew Happy Sol was available, and became my drink of choice while in Valhalla.

The Smorgasbord was the first course, sitting ready on the tables when I arrived. The Smorgasbord included sliced red onion, pickled mussels, strawberries, tomatoes, liverwurst, cheese, watermelon radish, hardtack, oat biscuits, Ruiz and Black Rooster breads, vollkornbrot, and butter. The cheese, butter, vollkornbrot, liverwurst, watermelon radishes, and oat biscuits were my favorite parts of the smorgasbord. Served just after the smorgasbord were the oysters, and they were paired with a fresh apple mignonette. So good, I had three; we were feasting with the Gods, after all.

Roasted turkey was up next. It had been glazed with a mushroom cider reduction and was served with a triticale pilaf. The pilaf was phenomenal. The Haddock Pie followed the turkey. It was served with sauerkraut. This was an excellent dish, one I'd love to have again, someday.

I love roasted root vegetables, so the rosemary rubbed and roasted lamb served with roasted root vegetables was a perfect dish. The silken parsnip soup was an excellent follow-up to the lamb, and I didn't seen a single bowl around me with leftovers.

Onto my yearly favorite dish. I've been coming to Valhalla for four years, and every year I've looked forward to and enjoyed the cheesy oat porridge. It was served with Stillman Farms smoked ham. The ham was pretty amazing, because generally I don't enjoy ham, and last night, I actually enjoyed the ham! It's a credit to the quality of the Stillman Farms animals as well as the preparation skills of Cuisine En Locale. After all this feasting, a palate-cleanser, or amuse bouche, was necessary. In the hall of the Gods, it came in the form of a strawberry, nectarine, and basil sorbet. It was very refreshing!

The evening was winding down, but was not without some final trickery. Loki goat-napped Thor's two most favorite goats, and had Flower prepare the goats in a stew for the feast. Loki was so thorough with his antagonizing of Thor, that the menu even said, "Thor's Goats Stew". I felt slightly bad for Thor's loss, but the goats were pretty tasty. Finishing up the night was the Gods' blood yogurt parfait. This is another dish I look forward to every year; it's such a rich, creamy way to end the evening. 


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