Formaggio's Feast of Fall

It's autumn, harvest-time; it's a great time to eat a lot of seasonal food, so I signed up for Formaggio Kitchen's Feast of Fall this past Sunday. 

Roasted corn and bourbon chowder started off the feast, and this excellent autumn soup was paired with a great boxed wine (no, really) - Rebel Artignale Vino Bianco from Sicily. 

The next course was all about apples: an apple salad with toasted walnuts and celery served with the wonderfully dry Downeast Hard Apple Cider, made here in Massachusetts. 

On to what may have been my favorite course of the night: maple-roasted butternut squash and sage risotto, paired with the always excellent Leitz Out! Riesling from Rheingau, Germany. So good.

And we're on to the main course, roasted vanilla-brined pork loin with prune sauce and dried cherry dressing. Pork goes with cherries like peanut butter and jelly- such a good pairing. This was served with 2013 Raisins Gaulois from Bourgogne, France.

Decadent desserts are always a good way to end a night, and woah, this cheesecake fit the bill. It's a maple pumpkin cheesecake with a sour cream top layer. So good, and it went so well with the organic distilled maple liqueur! 


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