Formaggio Kitchen - Scary Cheeses

Halloween is the perfect time to try some scary cheeses.

The first scary cheese is a raw goat's milk cheese, Gran Pyramide de Chèvre, from Wallonia, Belgium. It was served with Raphael Confiture de Framboise. It's followed by Mimolette, scary for its color and cheese mites. Mimolette is a cow's milk cheese from Flanders, France, and here it's being served with Lo Brusc Miele de Montagne. Both cheeses were served with Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. 

The next two cheeses are considered scary due to their odor. Ouleout, a cow's milk cheese from Walton, New York, was served with roasted Italian hazelnuts. It went very well with the River Walk Farm to Kettle English Style Red Ale. Up next was a spoonful of L'Ami Chambertin, a wonderfully gooey mess served with cornichons.

The second half of the evening was all about blue cheeses. We began with a cheese that used to be too strong for me, but I've now come to appreciate it: Queso Azul de Valdeon, a goat and sheep's milk cheese from Valdeon, Spain. It was served with the amazing Pruneaux D'Agin, and the 2012 Domaine Faillence Corbieres. Bleu des Basques, a sheep's milk cheese from Pays Basques, France, was one of my favorite cheeses of the entire night. It was served with Miguel Gorry Cerises Noires, a classic pairing.

Fourme D'Ambert, a cow's milk cheese from Auvergne, France, was up next. It was paired with an amazing chocolate made in the traditional Mexican style, Xocolates Aynouse Garofa, as well as a tasty dessert wine, Domaine de Durban Muscat Beaumes de Venise. Finishing up the evening was the ever-excellent Bayley Hazen Blue, a cow's milk cheese from Greensboro, Vermont, served tonight with the Halloween classic, candy corns. :)


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