O.N.C.E. in Valhalla V

Valhalla is always awesome. How can anyone resist a ten course Viking feast with live entertainment? This was the fifth year of the annual Valhalla feast, and as always, I died valiantly on the field of battle and was therefore able to ascend the rainbow bridge into Valhalla. 

A smorgasbord was up first. It included Mary's oat cakes, pork liver pâté, pickled vegetables and eggs, rye hardtack, and sliced sourdough bread. The pâté, rye hardtack, and oat cakes were my favorites.

Going on, I needed to quench my thirst with some honey mead flavored with the blood of the gods. Then it was on to the next two courses: Island Creek oysters with apple mignonette and smoked herring with horseradish and yogurt sauce. 

Garlic soup with chicken stock was up next, along with some excellent entertainment- Charming Disaster. They performed a bunch of wicked interesting songs, and I wound up buying their cd on the way out. Would definitely recommend! Thor was traveling the room challenging warriors to arm-wrestling competitions, which was pretty great to witness. Also pretty great was the pear flavored apple cider I enjoyed after my mead. 

Rosemary roasted leg of lamb with braised greens and roasted beets made up course five, and after seeing so much, it was hard to believe we were only halfway through the night. But round six was most certainly next, and it was the ever-delicious cheesy oats! I love cheese and oats, so this dish perennially returning to Valhalla is always a treat to me. 

Braised goat with buttered turnips was up next, and JJ and Cuisine en Locale made sure to send around extra buttered turnips. I made sure to take some, as they were ridiculously good. We then all did a toast, "Å så hamna vi på fyllefest igen, hej skal!", and then it was on to the eighth course: mead poached turkey. 

The night was starting to come to a close, but there was still some time for a little hamster toss game. I followed this up with a silken parsnip flan (have I said recently how much I love parsnips?), and the amazing Blood of the Gods parfait. Always a good time, and I'm already looking forward to next year!


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