O.N.C.E. On a Whim

Cuisine En Locale, run by the ever-amazing JJ Gonson, always puts on the best dinner parties. From my very first, a culinary interpretation of Dante's Inferno back in 2009, to the most recent ONCE on a Whim, every dinner I've had with them has been memorable. The idea of ONCE on a Whim is to gather a few people together with only a few days notice to enjoy a ten course tasting menu of wicked good locally-sourced food. 

Up first was zucchini soup, made in the style of JJ's mom, with the addition of juniper scented clotted cream. It was a great way to start off, especially with how cold it has been lately.

Up next were a pair of goat dishes: Tajine style leg of Chevon from Copperhead Farms braised with rhubarb, peach, and cranberry, and shallot and goat chorizo flatbread pizza. The pizza was one of the top dishes of the entire night; I wish I had some now. :)

JJ stocks some great local beers at Cuisine En Locale, so here's the very tasty Jack's Abbey Jabby Brau along with course four: crispy whole salt Sky8 "small" shrimp with a whey polenta star. So cute and the shrimp were amazing- it was hard to believe something that delicious could be grown in a farm in Stoughton. So good.

A silken parsnip flan began the second half of the dinner, which was great because I adore parsnips. But even better were the Snow Farm medallions of beef tenderloin with herby Bayley Hazen blue cheese compound butter. Crazy good, and I managed to save some for lunch the next day, which was wonderful. 

Up next was a delicious sweet potato custard with candied bacon. It was just as good as you can imagine, and was followed by more deliciousness in the form of cider trotter pork rillettes with apple chips. 

The ninth dish was a warm Turkish spiced carrot salad with watermelon radish, pepita, and cranberries. This was followed by the final course of the evening, a sweet cup full of too much awesomeness to even try and list, but just check out the picture above. Yum! 


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