Sunday Tea Tastings at L'Espalier - Teas of the Historic Wuyi Mountains

Afternoon tea at L'Espalier is always awesome; it's even better when it comes with a neat history lesson. So I always sign up for Cynthia Gold's Sunday Tea Tastings series. This month, she taught us all about the teas of the historic Wuyi Mountains.

I started things off right by ordering a Green Tea Gimlet. My sister Laura had never tried it before, so I made sure to share a bit. Cynthia began telling us about the teas when the first tea, Organic Bai Mu Dan, Da Bai cultivar, a white tea, came out along with the tea sandwiches.

The house smoked salmon with "everything" cream cheese and dill bread is always one of my favorites, and it definitely lived up to expectations yesterday. I then moved on to the Apple Street Farm chicken salad with garlic and cucumber and the English cucumber with watercress cream cheese and citrus bread. 

An Apple Street Farm deviled egg with American caviar and lobster salad started off the second half of the sandwiches, followed by the amazing prosciutto and cheese croissant and the tasty foie gras Royale on gingerbread with passion fruit vinaigrette.

Along with the second half of the sandwiches Da Hong Pao, Heritage Beidou was served. We were also fortunate to have a mini lesson from Cynthia in how to traditionally prepare and serve these teas.

A little Lapsang Souchong was up next, served with an excellent smoky bacon financier. You can't go wrong with bacon cake!

And then it was time for the adorably named, "Where There's Smoke, a Lapsang Souchong Hot Toddy", followed by Three Cultivar Red tea and the dessert plate.

Chocolate decadence with mocha crumb was up first, followed by a chocolate Madeleine and scones. The scones were chocolate pistachio and cinnamon raisin, and came with excellent cream, berry jam, and honey.

Finishing up the dessert plate was the ever-famous pâte a choux swans with espresso cream, a grapefruit meringue tart, and a frangipane tea cake with apricot jam, all served with our excellent final tea: Golden Monkey. 


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