Formaggio Kitchen's Adventures in Alsace

Spending the night eating Alsatian cuisine sounds like a fabulous time, so of course I signed up for the Formaggio Kitchen Adventures in Alsace class. 

We began with Flammekueche, a sort of Alsatian bar pizza, made with puff pastry, crème fraîche, sautéed onion, and smoked bacon. This was paired with an excellent table wine that actually comes in a box, Vin de Pays Blanc from Languedoc, France. Shortly after finishing this amazing bite, we were on to Soupe à la Bière, a lager soup made with cream and nutmeg. I've never had beer soup before, but it was amazing.

You've probably heard of Coq au Vin; I've even made it a few times. In Alsace, Riesling is more popular than red wine, so their version of the dish is called Coq au Riesling Alsacienne, and rather than simmering in red wine, the chicken simmers in Riesling and cream. So of course it was paired with an excellent Riesling, 2011 Bechtold Alsatian Riesling.

Choucroute Garnie was next, a mix of sauerkraut and charcuterie simmered in white wine. It paired very well with the 2013 Gaspard Pinot Noir from Saint Pourcain, France. It's also very French to have a salad towards the end of the meal, though this salad was not very light: Salade à l'Alsacienne, mixed greens with mustard dressing, jambon de Paris, and Gruyere.

Finishing off the night was some Eau-du-Vie, basically a very eye-opening brandy, served with chocolate dipped Madeleines and raspberries. Madeleines are technically from Lorraine, the region next to Alsace, but they were so good that who could complain? :D


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