Formaggio Kitchen - Avril en France!

It's finally spring in Boston, and so why not celebrate with a French dinner? So I sat down last night at Formaggio Kitchen's classroom annex in Cambridge for a great dinner by the fabulous Adam Centamore.

The night began with pastis, an anise liqueur. When mixed with grenadine and water it becomes the drink you see above, tomate. Also above is the delicious amuse bouche, a mix of watermelon, avocado, and lime. 

Soupe à Parmesan was up next, and it was ridiculously good, and perfectly balanced by the bubbly Domaine de Laurent Blanquette de Limoux.

Watching the meals be prepared is half the fun, as you can see. Next was the Canard à la Bigarade with Polenta de Comté, served with one of the best white wines, Vouvray, specifically 2013 Domaine Pichot Vouvray. 

Lentilles à la ricotta et noix were up next, paired perfectly for spring with 2014 "Partir du Réservoir" Rosé.

The final wine of the night was 2013 Raisins Gaulois Gamay Rouge, poured from a Jeroboam-sized bottle, which is equal to six typical 750ml wine bottles. The rôti de porc with fine herbs, wild provinçal rice, and tapenade of olive and thyme paired perfectly with the wine. On to the cheese course, with Brebis du Haut Bearn Fermier with Confiture de Cerise Noire. I've had this cheese before, and the heaviness of the sheep's milk in the cheese was wonderfully balanced by the black cherry jam. And what can I say about the dessert, except that it was amazing and now I want to learn how to make brittle? Riz au lait à L'Ami Jean avec Créme Anglaise et Cassant de Noisette. 


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