Formaggio Kitchen - Comté's Inferno

Dante's Inferno takes the titular character on a trip through the nine levels of hell. Wednesday night, with Formaggio Kitchen's assistance, I went through nine levels of potentially hellish cheeses. These were cheeses known to be challenging or scary to some people, for various reasons. 

The first circle of hell is limbo, so the cheese, Comté, is rather pleasant. It's a cow's milk cheese from the Jura region of France. The Mostarda di Mediterraneo it was paired with provided the delicious peppery kick needed to qualify this pairing as potentially hellish. Then we were on to Wavreumont, a cow's milk cheese from Ardennes, Belgium, paired with fig jam with pine nuts and candied lemon peel. It was a tasty washed rind cheese that paired well with the Picpoul de Pinet boxed wine. Yeah, boxed wine- and it's actually good!

My favorite cheese of the night was up next, Mimolette, a cow's milk cheese from Lille, France, paired with pine sap honey. It was followed by Capra di Caggiano, a goat's milk cheese from Forenza, Italy, served with a Pruneau d'Agen. The Ledbury cider went very well with both cheeses, and is definitely something I'd like to have again. 

Melted Winnimere over crackers comprised Canto V. Winnimere is a cow's milk cheese from Vermont that is ridiculously tasty. A Casinca, a goat's milk cheese from Corse, France, followed, with Arraya Confiture des Cerises Noires. I love this black cherry jam, and it definitely held up to the washed rind cheese. We were served Pretty Things Jack D'Or beer to go with these cheeses, and then came the Epoisses, a classic cow's milk cheese from Bourgogne, France, served with pickled okra.

Rogue River Caveman Blue was up for Canto VIII; it's a cow's milk cheese from Oregon that was paired with Mast Brothers Vanilla & Smoke Chocolate, one of the best chocolate bars out there. The final circle of hell was Stichelton, a wonderful cow's milk cheese from Nottinghamshire, England, that was served with the amazing Fat Toad Farm Salted Bourbon Caramel. So good, and held up well to the Quinta do Infantado Ruby Port.


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