Mother's Day Dinner at Clio

I've been meaning to get to Clio for quite a while now, so when my mother said to pick somewhere for dinner near Symphony Hall, it was an obvious choice. 

I showed up a bit earlier than my mother, so I let the bartender have free reign with a few suggestions: I like gin and tonics, I like flips, etc. I was very impressed with the drink he created, a mix of Death's Door gin, tonic syrup containing quinine, lemongrass, fennel, jasmine, and ginger, one egg white, club soda, and lime zest. It was perfect and refreshing, and my mom liked it so much when she arrived that she ended up ordering one too. 

We decided to try the five course tasting menu. The bread and butter was heavenly, and was followed by a creamy little amuse bouche. 

Roasted beets started it all off, followed by a small bit of springtime seafood deliciousness, and a slow cooked egg. Everything was prepared to perfection, as you can imagine. 

We ordered a bit of foie gras on the side, which was excellent. The bass was wonderful, and the panna cotta was even better. We finished it all off with a couple sweet bites, and went off to enjoy the Boston Pops. Definitely a good night!


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