Formaggio Kitchen's Bastille Day Dinner

Bonne fête! Last night I celebrated le Quatorze Juillet with Formaggio Kitchen. Ihsan Gurdal and Tripp Nichols came up with a fabulous menu of French food that definitely made it easy to get into a celebratory mood.

We began with some delicious quiche Lorraine and gougeres. I adore gougeres, and these were right out of the oven, made with Comté Trois Sapins. To go with these tasty appetizers, we were served Laurens Blanquette Limoux, a wonderful sparkling wine with a really neat history. Apparently, it's older than champagne!

Our second course was a wonderful set of three, all paired with Triennes Rose. First was Boule de Chèvre, an aged goat's milk cheese served with Confitures Ardèche Mûre. The combination of the cheese and the blackberries was absolutely wonderful. Up next was the pork rillette with cornichons and mustard. There was also some coarse grain salt to sprinkle on the pork, which really enhanced the flavor; it was so good! Finally, we also had mâche salad with chèvre chaud. Who doesn't love warm cheese?

The third course was fairly epic as well. First, Comté Grand Cru, Ekiola Ardi Gasna, and Miguel Gorry Cerise Noir were served. Black cherries are known for going well with sheep's milk cheeses like the Ekiola, but I actually liked it even better with the Comté, made of cow's milk. Then we were in for a little treat, a bit of Absinthe, traditionally prepared. And finally, it was on to the lentil and sausage cassoulet, served with a 2011 Tissot Jarnicoton Buzet. I have to get the recipe for the cassoulet, it was amazing.

And now, dessert! We had a great blue, Fourme d'Ambert, made with cow's milk and served with Lo Brusc Chataignier. Lo Brusc honey is amazing; the rosemary honey is my absolute favorite. Along with this we were served raspberry and pistachio macarons and a 2008 Laribotte Sauternes. It was a wonderful way to spend the evening and to celebrate le 14 Juillet. 


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