Just Add Cooking

I usually feature restaurants or food events I've gone to in this blog, but today I'm writing a slightly different post.  For the last year and a half, I've been ordering the majority of my food through Just Add Cooking, a wonderful company founded in Boston by Jan Leife and Anders Lindell. 

Every week I go online and select from a list of seven meals which ones I'd like to cook the following week. Over the course of the week, Just Add Cooking obtains the ingredients and sorts them into the correct portions necessary for each recipe. Then, every Sunday, they deliver the boxes to homes all over the Boston area. 

Just Add Cooking has helped me become a better cook, while reducing the amount of food waste I have in my house, which is pretty fabulous. Using their service, I make most of my meals completely from scratch, so I've been able to practice and improve my knife technique and presentation skills. 

In addition to simplifying the process of planning meals, the Just Add Cooking recipes are easy to follow, and universally delicious. I haven't selected a meal yet that I haven't enjoyed, which is pretty impressive. And though I'm not personally a vegetarian, they offer so many amazing vegetarian dishes, that I can't help but go meatless fairly often. 

In addition to a wide varitety of vegetarian options, they also clearly mark which recipes are gluten-free, and each recipe card (which you can view online) lists the difficulty level, time needed, and the calorie count per serving. 

One of my favorite things about Just Add Cooking is how they support local farms and local producers. Their food is always fresh, and they do very well with sustainable practices as well. When I was asked to write a post about Just Add Cooking because they are a vendor at the Boston Local Food Festival, I was so excited- it's easy to write about something you've been using and enjoying for so long. If you're at all interested in trying it out, use my code DHZY, and we'll both get a discount. :)


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