Lunch on the Greenway

My most recent assignment for the Boston Local Food Festival was to check out the Rose Kennedy Greenway, so I went to the Dewey Square Park plaza and grabbed some awesome food for lunch today.

The park is gorgeous, from the flowers to the giant mural, and there were plenty of places to sit and relax with some tasty food. Up first was Bon Me, definitely one of the more popular trucks on the plaza, where I ordered a deviled tea egg. To wash that down, I headed over to Clover for a rhubarb agua fresca, which was perfectly light and summery. I've had Bon Me's deviled eggs before, so I knew they would be amazing, and I was not disappointed; they were wonderful. 

Of course, I couldn't just have a deviled egg, so I went to the next most popular truck in the plaza, the Baja Taco Truck. I ordered a carne asada taco with hot sauce and a guacamole tostada, both of which were fabulous, particularly the steak in the taco. For these bites, I went to Roxy's and ordered a cherry lemonade, which was a nice sweet balance to the wonderfully spicy food. 

The entire area was absolutely beautiful, and a great place to sit and relax with a book or a good friend. There's an outdoor phone charging station, and the trash was emptied at least twice while I was there. I should also mention that both the Coffee Trike and the Dining Car were also on the plaza, although by this point, I only had room for one tiny bit of dessert. 

I saved the last bite for a bit from the Bacon Truck. I got a delicious chocolate bacon truffle that was wonderfully rich and like moist cake on the inside. After taking one last look around to appreciate the beauty of the park, I grabbed a raspberry lime rickey from the Moyzilla truck. Definitely a great way to spend my lunch time.


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