Smuttynose Beer and Formaggio Kitchen

Last night, Smuttynose Brewing came down from New Hampshire to partner with Formaggio Kitchen to show off excellent beers and delicious cheeses. The evening began with a bit of Vunderbar! Pilsner, a beer so fabulous it has its own theme song

This month Smuttynose turned 21, and to celebrate this birthday they released the awesomely summery Spank. Formaggio paired this beer with two excellent cow's milk cheeses, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from Vermont and Comté Fort Sant Antoine from the Jura region of France. Both cheeses were served with a tasty red pepper jelly from Bonnie's Jams that served to complement the flavors very well. 

Our next beer was Beir de Shire, an example of their SmuttLabs series, focused on rare and unusual beers. This tasty saison ale was served with two French sheep's milk cheeses and black currant jam. Brebisrousse, the cube-shaped cheese, was from the Auvergne, while Brebis Haut Bern is from the Pyrénées.

As we moved through the servings, the beers and cheeses became progressively more full bodied. A Belgian-style ale, Tripel was up next, served with two cow's milk cheeses and prune jam. My favorite cheese of the entire evening was the Boerenkaas Grand Cru from Flanders, Belgium, but the Maggie's Round, from Williamstown, Massachusetts, was also really good. 

To finish up the night, we moved on to Really Old Brown Dog, a dark, delicious old ale. It was served with fig jam and two cow's milk cheeses that were strong enough to hold up to the beer: Syossett from Meadowood Creamery in Cazanovia, New York, and Stilton Colton Basset from Nottinghamshire, England. These are all definitely beers I would seek out again, but I particularly liked the Bier de Shire and Tripel.


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