Checking out Central Wharf

Last night a friend and I checked out Central Wharf, one of the restaurants that will be part of the Boston Local Food Festival this year. Our first stop was the bar, which was full of people. The music was exuberant and the conversation was boisterous.

One of the first items on the menu that caught my attention was the Black & Bleu flatbread, made with grilled sirloin, Great Hill Farms bleu cheese, arugula, caramelized onion, mozzarella, and horseradish crema. It was delicious, and I was so happy when we didn't finish it, knowing there would be leftovers to enjoy again later. Those leftovers didn't last the night!

There were a good amount of beers on tap in addition to the excellent flatbread selection. I went with a tasty, summery Blue Point Blueberry from Patchogue, New York. 

Another menu item that caught my eye was the seafood charcuterie platter, which had smoked salmon, bluefish pâté, sesame tuna, fruit and horseradish chutney, and some crostini. The smoked salmon was definitely the best part of the platter. To keep up with my summery drinks, I ordered Cantele rosé from Guagnano, Italy. 

The real stars of the evening, though, were the fried oyster sliders, topped with slaw and tarter sauce and served with a dressed arugula salad. These were the best, and I would totally order them again the next time I wind up at Central Wharf. 


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