The Art of Affinage with The Cellars at Jasper Hill and Formaggio Kitchen

This past Thursday night, Molly Browne from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont and Tripp Nichols from Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge gave a fabulous presentation on affinage. Affinage is the art of aging foods, in this case, cheeses.

We began with Jo Landron "Atmospheres", a light bubbly wine that cut right through the creamiest cheeses. This was paired with Harbison and Moses Sleeper, as well as Cross Town Strawberry and Shiso, an amazing jam that I have to try again. I should mention, all of the cheeses produced by Jasper Hill Farms are made with cow's milk. After those first two, top left and bottom left in the picture above, we went on to the second beverage, a tasty beer called Rites of Spring. This went very well with the Oma and Landaff, and the raisins on the vine. I don't generally enjoy raisins, but these were good. 

On to the third pairing set, pairing Bantam Cider with black Oxford apples and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Alpha Tolman. Cabot Clothbound Cheddar was my introduction to artisanal cheese, and it will always be a favorite.

Finally, we finished with a tasting of Bayley Hazen Blue with 10 year old tawny port and Rogue chocolate. These two samples were produced just two days apart, and they really show the influence of moisture on different batches of cheese. All in all, a very cool night of learning about aged cheeses.


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