Cheese and Chocolate at L'Espalier

This past Tuesday was Cheese Tuesday at L'Espalier, and the theme this month was cheese and chocolate! It was so fun to see how chocolate had been incorporated into the recipes, and of course, the cheese and chocolate pairings in the final course were fabulous.

Up first was an amazing parsnip and white chocolate soup with Maine crab, King trumpet, and fermented mushroom powder. It wasn't the most beautiful dish, but it was so ridiculously good! The soup was paired with 2014 Cecile Lebrun "En Mirebeau" Cabernet d'Anjou from the Loire, France. As the first course was being served, we were also served yummy crusty bread. 

For the second course we had butter poached salmon with red beet risotto, horseradish-mustard vinaigrette and nettle paired with 2013 Ballard Lane Pinot Noir from Central Coast, California. The texture of the red beet risotto was just amazing. 

Moorish spiced honey duck breast with braised red cabbage, celery root purée, and smoked chocolate paired with 2011 DiFilippo Montefalco Rosso from Umbria, Italy made up the third course. The chocolate sauce was so glorious, I loved it.

The final course of the evening was truly the main event: a delicious chocolate and cheese pairing, along with 2014 Bera Brachetto from Piedmont, Italy, which was my favorite wine of the entire night. I enjoyed the Beemster 26 month Gouda with the Callebaut white chocolate the most, but honestly, every pairing was pretty fabulous. :)


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