Cheese Tuesday at L'Espalier - Vermont Creamery

For the second time in my life, I sat down to a Cheese Tuesday dinner in honor of Vermont Creamery. Their cheeses are some of my favorites, and it was great to see how the brilliant staff of L'Espalier incorporated the cheeses into the courses.

We began with a salad of winter greens and beets with pomegranate sorbet, green apple, Vermont Creamery Fresh Crottin goat cheese, and dill. This was paired with 2013 Rebholz, a Pinot Blanc from Pfalz, Germany, that cut right through the thickness of the cheese and was greatly altered flavor-wise when eating the dill. Very cool! Warm sourdough bread was served next, with creamy butter.

And then it was on to course two: Veta La Palma (the name of the fishery) with Maine lobster and buckwheat salad with Vermont Creamery crème fraîche, paired perfectly with 2013 Lou Coucardié Blanc from Costières de Nîmes, Rhône, France. 

Roasted prime beef sirloin with grilled asparagus, anchovy purée, and Vermont Creamery feta was up next, with 2011 Valdisanti Tolaini from Tuscany, Italy. This was a great dish not just for how amazing it was, and woah, it was, but also for the fact that I wasn't aware that Vermont Creamery made feta. It was a great use of the cheese and one I'm considering trying at home!

Then, of course, it was on to the cheese! We were treated to a lovely speech detailing the beginnings of the company as well as four of the most popular cheeses from Vermont Creamery.

Louis Risoli served us the Bijou exactly as he had first encountered it: topped with honey and freshly ground pepper. There was also apple butter on the plate to accompany all of the cheeses. Up next was Coupole, followed by Cremont and the excellent Bonne Bouche. I love all of these cheeses, but I think Coupole is my favorite!

I was fairly full at this point, but my awesome friends Tara and Nick ordered dessert, and well, I couldn't turn down their offer of a couple spoonfuls. Nick ordered the Meyer lemon with Vermont Creamery Fromage Blanc and chamomile granola and Tara had the Lightening, an éclair with kumquat pastry cream and sourdough ice cream. Yum!


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