10th District Brewing Company

Last night I went by my old neighborhood in Abington and checked out a relatively new brewery, 10th District Brewing Company


Located at 491 Washington Street in Abington, 10th District Brewing Company  has been in business since approximately August 2015. They are currently open two days a week, Wednesdays from 4-8pm and Saturdays from 11am-4pm. I went down last night and met Dana George and Patrick Eddy, the friendly and knowledgeable co-owners of 10th District.  


The guys were great and we chatted about local restaurants and the upcoming Boston Local Food Fest's Hyper Local Craft Beer Fest, at which they will be pouring some tasty beers. Some regulars came in and ordered a few of their favorite beers and I got down to tasting all of the samples. 


I tried the E.S.B., Extra Special Bitter, first, and it wound up being one of my favorites of the evening. I prefer beers that are less "hoppy", and though I know that's a somewhat vague term, hopefully you'll understand that here it means the rich malt is stressed over the hops. Then it was on to the American Pale Ale and the India Pale Ale, both tasty.


Then it was on to the Gose, another favorite of the evening. It was so good, a light, sour beer made with coriander, salt, lemon, and orange peel. Very springy, and something I want to go back and enjoy again and again! 


On to the heavier beers, the Porter and the Milk Stout. Of these, the Porter was so wonderfully smooth that it's definitely another beer for the return trip! This is not to discount the richness of the Milk Stout, it's just necessary to say how amazing the Porter tasted. 


10th District Brewing Company is a great addition to the Boston beer scene, and I'm looking forward to seeing what beers they bring as samples for the Hyper Local Craft Beer Fest, though I don't think I'll be able to wait until then to try their beers again! 


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