Bootblack Brand Complex Cocktail and Soda Syrups

I spoke recently with Paul Kubiski, owner of Bootblack Brand. He works out of the Hope & Main Food Incubator in Warren, Rhode Island, to create his complex cocktail and soda syrups. 
Bootblack Brand was created in 2015 with the idea of mixing small batches of cocktail syrups that had big flavors. Paul said that while lamenting the cost of cocktails compared to the quality of the ingredients, he had the idea to create a properly complex syrup that could be used at home to create tastier drinks. From this came Bootblack Brand, named for the ages-old ideal of creating hand-made products earnestly and with enthusiasm. 
Bootblack Brand is available in Rhode Island currently, and comes in two flavors: Ginger Cardamom Lime and Cranberry Jalapeño Lime. They recommend mixing one part Bootblack Brand, two parts spirits, and three parts seltzer or soda to create a balanced cocktail. I'd like to try both, but am definitely more interested in the Cranberry Jalapeño Lime!
Fortunately for me, I'll get to try both styles of Bootblack Brand Cocktail Syrups at next week's Local Craft Spirits Festival. 


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