Fall Favorites - King Richard's Faire

One of my favorite things to do every fall is to get down to Carver and check out King Richard's Faire. It's definitely something I look forward to all year during the off season, and after reading this post, you'll understand why. 
King Richard's Faire is exciting! From the jugglers to the joust, there's always something going on. My favorite shows are probably the big cats and the Mud Show, but everything is good.
Even the food is pretty good. In the past, I've gone with a chowder bowl for lunch. This year, I discovered how good a deal dragon's wings and fryes were, so that was pretty much my go-to meal. At least once, though, you have to try a turkey leg!
King Richard's Faire is a feast for the eyes as well, with different spots to check out, games to play, and awesome wares to inspect. This year, I finally purchased a whole outfit, and I'm pretty excited to wear it back year after year!
As you can see, it's a wicked fun fall time. There's one weekend left this year, and then we'll all have next year to look forward to!


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