April Food's Day at 27RHL

Last night was a real treat! The amazing chefs at 27RHL put on a fabulous dinner party, and I was fortunate enough to be invited!

We began with a charcuterie and cheese spread, including many home-made items. For meats we were treated to house-smoked salmon (check out the video!), Jamón Iberico, and chicken paté. There were cornichons and picked vegetables along with whole grain mustard and a few other treats to complement the spread. The cheese list is just as impressive: Robiola Tre Latte, Grayson by Meadow Creek, Landaff, Cabot's Cloth Bound Cheddar, Charmoix, and Challerhocker. 

A theme of the evening was East vs. West, so we began with plated appetizers, one from each side of the Mediterranean. The Western Mediterranean plate included an Italian meatball, house-made ricotta, and crazy delicious aranchini. The Eastern Mediterranean was vegetarian, and included baba ganoush, dolma (the grape leaf wrap), house-made hummus, and house-made falafel. 

After all of those delectable appetizers, it was time for the first official course, salads paired with Sea Glass Riesling. We tried both the crispy chickpea salad with Indian spiced yogurt dressing and the farro Greek salad with lemon vinaigrette. 

One of my favorite dishes of the entire evening was up next, Makai Ka Shorba, Indian sweet corn soup with yogurt foam and sweet tamarind swirl. We also had really yummy hot and sour dumpling soup, with the potsticker providing a really great textural contrast to the soup. 

We went full steam ahead into the fish course next, with Arctic Char with mushroom dashi and spiced bok choy. I was particularly excited about the lobster dish, which paired butter poached lobster with crispy vermicelli, house-pickled daikon, and watermelon radish. Newport Vineyards Great White wine was paired specifically with this dish, making for a great experience.

We moved on to the meat course next, paired with a really cool cabernet sauvignon from Chile named Suspicion. Up first was the Slaughter of the Lambs: lamb two-ways with beet raviolis and lamb demi-glacé. Pig on a Spit followed, with sous-vide pork two ways with pineapple cherry salsa and sweet coconut rice.

After all that amazing food, it was almost difficult to get to dessert, but not that difficult when the desserts look like this and are paired with Still River Winery's apple ice wine. Trés Leches cake with flan and Mexican chocolate was up first, but check out the video of the second dessert:

My favorite part of the dinner was watching this crazy giant white chocolate dome burst open to reveal a delicious strawberry-kiwi tart with strawberry coulis. What an awesome time, I can't wait to do it again!


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